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Carpet Cleaning

Most of the times we like to believe that we can keep our carpets clean by ourselves, we believe that we only need to vacuum every other week or that you should wait as long as possible before you can clean it. It is recommended though that in order to keep a somewhat dust free environment is to take it to the steamers (City Carpet Cleaners) every six months the allotted time when you’ve got a pet is usually around every six weeks.



Air Duct Cleaning

WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF HAVING YOUR AIR DUCTS CLEANED? We at City Carpet Cleaners, believe that cleaning your air ducts is actually quite important, most companies and even homeowners don’t understand just how important it is to having clean ducts. But what precisely is the benefit? The health benefits for the people who are currently making use of the space could be greatly improved, that is if the people are suffering allergies, in any case you’re less likely to actually contract a harmful disease.



Carpet Repair

Is your carpet shredded, stained, or is it fading? Our teams over at City Carpet Cleaners have a lot of experience repairing carpets. Most of the time when we go about fixing your carpet we try to patch the piece of damaged fabric. There is no need for concern the process doesn’t take long, unless the damage has spread all over the carpet. But this is no easy task and it does require a lot of specialized tools and it’s because of this reason that the customer has to understand why they should hire a professional that’ll get the job done. Our company other than offering a cleaning service we also offer to help you fix your carpet, but be warned that there are some things that we cannot fix, like bleach stains and no amount of scrubbing can reverse the permanent discoloration. Only through repair can the carpet return to its original state.



Mattress Cleaning

We don’t only clean your carpet, we can also clean your mattress, when it comes to mattresses we’re professionals, look no further, our methods are among of the most advanced, we make an effort in making your mattress as clean as humanly possible, we spare no expense when it comes to cleaning our customers mattresses. And yet we always take the proper precautions when it comes to cleaning them because we don’t want to return a damaged mattress and cause our client any distress.



Rug Cleaning

City Carpet Cleaning has a whole range of cleaning services, we can take care of really tough jobs to real easy ones, and as we all know a lot of people have carpets or at least a rug somewhere in their living room or some room where the children play; but to really clean a carpet is a lot of hard work, not only that but also trying to keep it that way for as long as possible is a huge undertaking, very simply because carpets if they’re not cleaned properly they start to collect dust like crazy. A lot of people agree that by vacuuming you can get most of the dust out of your rug, but sometimes a rug doesn’t only have dust being collected, it can also be stained with coffee or with wine, or it could just as easily be collecting hair from pets.



Tile Cleaning

To really clean a tile and grout we’ve come to realize that it takes a lot of hard work and it can be messy, so we’ve come up with a solution that is guaranteed to get your tiles looking like brand spanking new, we use a steamer, our tile cleaning equipment can achieve far greater results than anything else available in the market. We at City Carpet Cleaners believe that by having a trained and experience cleaning crew we can get the job done easier and without all the hassle.



Water Damage Repair

City Carpet Cleaning, doesn’t only clean your carpet, or your upholstery but it can also help you out when your house has sustained some water damage. Water damage is usually described as a large number of losses caused by water, whether it comes from a severe storm, or from leaving the water running unattended. Water gets into everything and to clean it takes a lot of time and effort, this is something you shouldn’t try it on your own.



Upholstery Cleaning

Are you feeling uncomfortable with your furniture? Does your furniture look like it hasn’t been washed in years? Well, have no fear, City Carpet Cleaners has the answer to all of your problems. We’re a cleaning company that you can definitely trust. Dust, pollen, food, crumbs and other stains can be avoided if you’re consistent with your cleaning, but, getting your upholstery cleaned can be really expensive and yet some people consider it worthwhile if it’s done right. Rest assured that our teams are experienced enough to handle your furniture.