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We don’t only clean your carpet, we can also clean your mattress, when it comes to mattresses we’re professionals, look no further, our methods are among of the most advanced, we make an effort in making your mattress as clean as humanly possible, we spare no expense when it comes to cleaning our customers mattresses. And yet we always take the proper precautions when it comes to cleaning them because we don’t want to return a damaged mattress and cause our client any distress.

Now, haven’t you ever felt that when you wake up in the morning you feel sort of miserable? This isn’t an indicator but it can kind of give you an idea of how things are with your mattress, a mattress is the single most important piece of furniture in your home I mean you sleep there, your spouse sleeps there, and your children sleep there as well. Beds are usually a breeding ground for head lice, as well as other germs or parasites, these germs can make your mattress smell really bad, and make your sleeping experience a living hell.

Our service is well known for being fast and really efficient, we’ll make sure we get rid of all the stains and make your mattress as dust-free as possible and effectively ensuring an allergy free environment. Our recommendation for getting a mattress cleaned is at least a year. Dead skins, oils, dust and other contaminants collect on your mattress at a fast pace. City Carpet Cleaners makes it a priority to not use a lot of water and we try not to leave a lot of moisture as well, by doing that we cut down our work and we become more efficient, guaranteeing our customers satisfaction.

Some of our customers are overly concerned over if this cleaning could damage their mattress, and we can guarantee right of the bat that all of your cushions and mattress will be returned to you safe and sound and in one piece, because we have a method that protects all of your fabrics.


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