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Is your carpet shredded, stained, or is it fading? Our teams over at City Carpet Cleaners have a lot of experience repairing carpets. Most of the time when we go about fixing your carpet we try to patch the piece of damaged fabric. There is no need for concern the process doesn’t take long, unless the damage has spread all over the carpet. But this is no easy task and it does require a lot of specialized tools and it’s because of this reason that the customer has to understand why they should hire a professional that’ll get the job done.

Our company other than offering a cleaning service we also offer to help you fix your carpet, but be warned that there are some things that we cannot fix, like bleach stains and no amount of scrubbing can reverse the permanent discoloration. Only through repair can the carpet return to its original state.

Our team of specialist will first assess the damage, and after that then the actual carpet repair can actually begin. The professional will start of by marking the area that’s going to be removed and later patched, the scope of the damage can vary, so it all depends. The piece that the time will cut away can be in the shape of a square or a rectangle, it’ll be a lot easier that way to remove. Then a specialized cutter is used to cut away a slice of the piece, then our cutter will use the marks he made beforehand to make more precision cuts.

After the bad patch is removed completely, the cutter looks for a piece that is suitable to fill in the gap left from where they cut, and that’s pretty much the basic outline of the process behind carpet it doesn’t sound hard but trust us, you need to be very precise and you need experience. Let the experts handle it.


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