By Suryaprakash Rajendiran


Houston Carpet Cleaner

We tackle the toughest stains and dirt with our low-moisture, safe cleaning process that is perfect for your kids and pets. We take carpet from dark and disgusting to clean. The average carpet cleaner uses a simple truck mounted cleaning system that is only slightly better than what you can buy at the store. At City Carpet Cleaners, however, we use the best in the business.

The biggest complaints in the carpet cleaning industry are the time that it takes the carpet to dry, and concerns about the chemicals and residue being used by conventional cleaners. Wet carpeting, besides being an inconvenience, can cause mildew, and the soaps and chemicals used while cleaning releases environmental toxins that diminish the air quality of your home. Seeing these issues City Carpet Cleaners decided to throw out conventional carpet cleaning systems. Instead, we invested in the best, high powered cleaning systems that leave your carpets dry in no time.

Low prices count for nothing if we can’t get your carpets clean. We guarantee that your carpets will be clean and smell wonderful without any sticky residue left. Our carpet cleaning services are renowned for its effective great results. Our services are certified and licensed as well as environmentally friendly.

“I called City Carpet Cleaners after really bad flooding, I knew that they provide water damage restoration service, because my friend had recently the same problem. I was impressed from their politeness and will to help. It was very important for me to have my floors restored because I didn’t have enough time and money to buy new carpets and etc. With this company’s help at the end everything was even better than before flooding.
In conclusion I can only add that I’d strongly recommend water damage restoration service that City Carpet Cleaners provide!”

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