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We know how to treat dirt and odors effectively, returning carpets to a better state. As a locally owned and operated company, we stand behind our commitment to excellent customer service when we’re performing a job for our clients.
We’re fully licensed and insured, so you can have peace of mind when you trust our carpet cleaners to handle your floors. Whether you need a good once-over in your home or your office is due for a deep cleaning, we’ll work hard to get rid of unsightly stains that diminish the look of your carpets. Call City Carpet Cleaners in Austin Texas today to speak with one of our friendly professionals.
We know how to do a thorough cleansing that will brighten up your floors and make them smell fresh again. Homeowners and business owners alike will appreciate working with the carpet cleaners at City Carpet Cleaners. We refresh carpets and rugs in Austin and the surrounding areas, removing grime, stains, and pet odors that can linger despite routine cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Myths

First Myth – Having your carpets professionally cleaned is NOT GOOD for your carpet: The more time that the carpet is exposed to this debris, the more potential there is for damage. Not cleaning your carpets can be bad for them. Frequent vacuuming and timely cleaning are essential to prolonging the life of your carpet. Over time, soil and other particulates accumulate on top and between the carpet fibers.
Second Myth – When you have your carpets cleaned they stay wet: Our Truck-Mounted Hot Water Extraction system uses extremely strong suction to remove excess moisture so that your carpet is dry in hours instead of days. The only way this can be true is if the carpet was cleaned using a weak portable machine such as a rug doctor or similar inferior system.
Third Myth – If you clean your carpets they get dirty quicker: Our cleaning process removes the oil and grease and leaves your carpets clean, fresh, and vibrant. Over time, oils and grease from the bottom of shoes, pets, cooking and even your skin begin to stick to the fibers of your carpet. These oils cannot be removed by vacuuming and cause soil and other debris to become attached to the fibers. The longer you wait to have your carpets cleaned, the more oil and grease can build up–making your carpets appear matted and dingy. Having your carpets professionally cleaned actually helps them stay cleaner for longer.

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